Doing words for July

  • Bookmarking:
 Auckland café & restaurant review sites
  • Buying:
 a stand-up paddle board! Crikey!
  • Considering:
 buying some skis
  • Cooking: with a full complement of utensils and appliances once again, thank goodness!
  • Drinking:
 beer in the spa…. Probably not great for the waistline!
  • Enjoying:
 exploring new places on the weekends, like Hunua Falls.
  • Feeling:
 a whole load of different things from day to day.
  • Getting:
 to know my way around. Slowly.
  • Giggling:
 at Modern Family. We watched Season 2 while waiting for our TV to be hooked up.
  • Hoping:
 to make some friends.
  • Liking:
 my new job.
  • Looking: 
for some stools for the cubby house.
  • Loving:
 how the beaches here are so dog-friendly.
  • Making:
 baby number 3. Hopefully.
  • Marvelling:
 that I squeezed into a size 10 wetsuit!
  • Playing:
 on the trampoline with Master L (when it’s dry and Miss L’s asleep).
  • Pondering:
 things to do with each set of grandparents, the first arrive next week.
  • Needing:
 to register the dog with the council, I just found out!
  • Reading:
 the world’s worst novel on my eReader. Still.
  • Smelling:
 another slow-cooker meal- let’s hope it tastes alright!
  • Thinking:
 about my Grandma and her celebration service tomorrow.
  • Waiting:
 for Miss L to start walking- still!
  • Wanting:
 so inspiration for Mr L’s birthday present!
  • Watching: the days slowly getting longer.
  • Wearing:
 my skinny jeans and ankle boots to death.
  • Wondering:
 how I’ll go at my SUP lesson tomorrow!

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