My name, roughly translated, means “Life” and that’s what this blog is about: me and my life, its ups and downs and the things that make it mine.

My long-term companion is Mr Life. Our individual existences collided in Sydney about 5 years ago, which is where we’ll remain until we are lured elsewhere by the promise of a new adventure. Since then we have been joined by Master Life and Miss Life, who have changed the way we do things but not stopped us doing them.

I’m aiming to share some of our adventures together but mostly this blog is about my perspective on things- that is, Life My Way.

I’m a full-time wife & mother, a part-time breadwinner, a half-decent runner, an on-and-off mountain-biker and a passable cook. I am intrigued by language, am constantly trying to take a better photo and if you picked me for your trivia team it’d be for my tragic familiarity with eighties music, because I have little interest in politics, current affairs or spectator sports.

Despite (or perhaps because of) these traits, Mr L seems to think I have enough interesting stuff to blog about, so I’m going to give it a whirl…

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