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Guess Who’s Back?

After a long and busy hiatus, I’m finally back in blog land.

May saw the arrival of our 3rd and final child, a beautiful baby boy. Since then things have been rather hectic with 3 kids to manage but the departure of my parents in law last weekend signalled a return to “normal” (well real, anyway) life.

I have been itching to write again for some weeks now. I’d like to say I have loads of new material and inspiration but I’d be lying, so I thought I’d get writing and see what flowed.

Foremost in my headspace right now (other than Master, Miss and Baby L) are my on-going zero-waste efforts, my aspirations to minimalism as well as some new mindfulness stuff. I’ve read Gretchen Rubin’s new book, Better Than Before, since writing last and of course, there’s the usual post baby lose weight/return to exercise/ back to work challenges to tackle.

We anticipate spending another 18 months in NZ (maybe more but probably no less) and after the speed at which the first year and a bit has flow by we have resolved to get out there a bit more and see as much as we can see. So more to follow on that…

For now though, that’s my quick “hello I’m back” spiel, just to get my typing fingers warmed up again.

See you soon x

Doing words for April

So I guess this is a bit of a cheat post… New at this whole blogging game, I find myself very good at writing blog posts in my head, not to good at making the time to get them down on paper (or its electronic equivalent).

Also I found my last post quite onerous to write (emotionally) and then I proof read it about 4 times as I wasn’t too sure it was exactly what I wanted to post- was it in-keeping enough with my other posts, was I just having a bad day and would look back at it and worry I was being too negative? Etc etc etc. So I thought something lighter and fluffier was in order.

I have discovered (and started following) a couple of new blogs recently and I must admit that while I find them entertaining and fun to read (and often quite inspiring in many ways) they do leave me feeling slightly inadequate as many of them add new posts daily, sometimes several times a day.

I must confess, I’ve been a little disappointed that in my blog’s shortish history I have so far received only ONE comment. (Not counting about a million spam messages- I never even knew blogs were spammable- but evidently they are. Very much so.) I’ve assumed a lack of comments means a lack of readers, (although surely I should be able to see how many people are visiting my site… Technoparesis strikes again.) I took a look back at my First Post, where I pondered why I decided to start a blog in the first place…. “I’m not doing this primarily to win readers, or earn money, or educate people”. It’s true, I’m not doing it to acquire a following or make a living (FYI those blogs that post daily are generally run by people who are blogging to make a living, which makes me feel slightly better about the paucity of my posts).

Anyway, to gain more readers you’re apparently supposed to post shorter posts more often, I suspect mine are a bit prosaic. Again, care factor- well, clearly not zero, but minimal. I can vouch for the fact that the more often a blog posts something, the more likely I am to keep following it (to a point, if they’re rubbish posts I lose interest).

And so as a bit of a filler while I created actual ones from my mental ones, here is a list of my present participles (or doing words) for April. (Sincere apologies for not crediting this to its original source, but I didn’t note it down and now I can’t find the blog I got the idea from in the first place. If they find out, maybe my second genuine comment will materialise, albeit an accusation of plagiarism.)

  • Admiring- Master L’s endless energy reserves
  • Bookmarking- Quilting & crafty sites
  • Buying- new winter wardrobe staples post last spring’s weight-loss and in anticipation of the NZ weather
  • Considering- buying a sewing machine
  • Cooking- healthier dinners this week after the excesses of Easter
  • Deciding- whether to go back to my old hairdresser one more time before we move
  • Drinking- Lipton Green Tea with Jasmine
  • Enjoying- my days off this week- no work and no kids
  • Feeling- Tired. Constantly.
  • Following- a link I saw on FB this morning- 4 scarves 16 ways– well, trying to!
  • Getting- frustrated with the dog’s constant stopping to sniff around this morning on our run
  • Hoping- for an uninterrupted and lengthy night’s sleep
  • Knowing- my sister needs to ditch her loser boyfriend
  • Liking- everyone’s comments on the photo I posted of our Year 7 high-school class play
  • Looking- for a new preschool, new swimming school, new nanny, new house!
  • Loving- everything about autumn in Sydney- cooler days, winter duvet, autumn leaves
  • Making- dinner out of what’s in the cupboard and freezer wherever possible
  • Marvelling- that Master L broke out into “You are my sunshine” unprompted on the way home. Word perfect. And I’ve never even sung it to him….
  • Needing- to pack for Friday’s trip to NZ
  • Noticing- how much I love my job- is this just because I’m leaving?
  • Opening- our Wiggle order that arrived this morning- new running stuff, yes!
  • Playing- outside more now that it’s cooler
  • Pondering- when best to try for baby number 3
  • Reading- Spot’s Fun Week. Over and over and over again
  • Smelling- of Estee Lauder Emerald Dream for the last time (I ran out this morning)
  • Thinking- of ways to use up the 5 different types of rice in the pantry before we move
  • Waiting- for someone to buy the stuff we have listed on Gumtree
  • Wanting- More sleep
  • Watching- Puberty Blues Season 2 (streamed from the internet as Mr L hates it)
  • Wearing- Layers (usually leggings, long singlet, t shirt)
  • Wishing- we didn’t have to leave our nanny & preschool
  • Wondering- how my “taking stock” session will go this week

First Post

Well, here we are: my first post.

I’ve been contemplating starting a blog for ages and Mr L’s finally convinced me to do it.

Why? Lots of reasons I suppose:

Narcisissm– I’m not sure this should go in as reason number 1, but ultimately that and voyeurism are at the heart of what motivates people to use social media- aren’t they? Perhaps narcissism is the wrong word, “attention-seeking” might be more apt. When you think about what makes you post something on Facebook, it’s that you want people to know what you’re doing (for whatever reason), or you want people to know what you’re thinking (usually because you think it’s either important or funny) or you want to shape people’s impression of you, generally for the better.

Creative outlet– I like writing and I like the conversational style that blogging lends itself to. As a teenager I was an avid letter-writer (this was pre-internet). I had one friend in particular overseas who I’d exchange frequent (2 or 3 per week) lengthy (between 6 and 10 page) letters with. Nowadays my emails also tend to be about 10 times longer than they need to me, whether it’s a newsy catch-up email to far-flung friends, or a quick note to try and organize a weekly mothers’ group catch-up.

Journaling with extras– I’m also a journal-writer from way back. Somehow there seems to be more purpose to a blog. For a start you have an audience (or at least a potential one). Journals aren’t generally written to be shared (which is just as well, as mine were always full of fairly clichéd teen angst and would have been incredibly boring, not to mention a tad embarrassing.) So I’m hoping this will become kind of like my grown-up diary and that the editing process will ensure some sort of quality control…

Romantic ideals of being a “writer”– I make no particular secret of the fact that (like probably most of the female population) I fancy myself as part Bridget Jones, part Carrie Bradshaw and part Lynda Day… all with journalistic tendencies. Right now, writing is probably just about all I have in common with any of them- aside, perhaps, for Bridget’s weight-preoccupation, Carrie’s technophobia and Lynda’s temper.

My very own soapbox– I am, of course, the voice of reason and an authority on many, many things, I just have to convince the world of that fact. Mr L refers to my frequent diatribes as “rants”- they rapidly gain a momentum that he dares not interrupt but he tolerates them with amused resignation. In order to immortalise my words and to fool myself that I am benefitting others with my wisdom, what could be better than committing my rants to a blog?

Self-improvement- ok, so I know this sounds a bit wanky, but if I’m going to write about stuff and lay myself open to anonymous criticism (actually I haven’t decided if I’m going to do that or not) I’m going to need to do a bit of homework. While much of what I write will be my own perspective on things, I’m expecting that a bit of background research about the topic will make for a more satisfying blog experience for both myself and my audience (there I go again, assuming I will actually acquire an audience). I spend quite a lot of time thinking about many things- on my way to work, on my runs, in bed at night, etc etc. A lot of this thinking is pretty tangential and muddled though and I kind of wonder if putting my ideas down in black and white will also help me straighten some things out in my own head.

Peripatetic blog-reader myself (there you go, I’ve improved myself already, didn’t know how to spell peripatetic until I looked it up then)- I go through phases of blog-reading, there was my baby blog phase, then my mummy blog phase, followed by my minimalist blog phase, then my anti-mummy blog phase… they have all inspired me in different ways but I’ve yet to find a “me” blog, that suits me in any of these different phases.

Why not?

My main reservation about blogging was that I had little to offer that was original or different. Then I thought actually, I’m not doing this primarily to win readers, or earn money, or educate people, most of the reasons I’ve come up with so far are fairly self-serving, so what does it matter if there’s another blog out there like mine…

I already waste far too much time on the internet and have a perpetual to-do list that I could be getting on with instead of wasting more time on it. But my hope is that my own internet surfing might be somewhat more focused, not to mention contributing to something vaguely constructive.

So in short I’m hoping that my blog will at least partially satisfy all of the purposes I’ve discussed above. If someone is entertained, comforted or, heaven forbid, educated by something I’ve written, well, that’s a bonus. However, at this stage I think I’ll be happy if the only someone is me.