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Lately I’ve been craving time outside. It’s not as if I’m not an outdoors person normally, I’ve know for a long time that when I get that sleepy, lethargic, bleurch feeling, going for a walk leaves me feeling invigorated and refreshed. Despite relishing the occasional lazy day at home, I wouldn’t describe myself as an “indoors person”. My mother always used to espouse the benefits of “blowing away the cobwebs” (usually requiring “fresh air” to do so.) There are many things I disagree with my mother about, but this has never been one of them.

Lately, however, it seems like more than that. Maybe it’s that we’ve been spoiled this year with a really mild autumn, conducive to outdoor pottering. It’s mid-May and still shorts and t-shirt weather during the day, with temperatures in the low 20s. Maybe it’s that I’ve grown a little tired of cooking, tidying, and essentially doing “inside jobs”. Maybe I’ve been so encouraged by the success of my pumpkin seed planting that I fancy myself as something of a green thumb now.

I’m not sure what it is, but I frequently feel the urge to go outside and just potter around the garden, tidy up a bit, check the plants, even take the kitchen compost container out to the compost bin (previously on my list of jobs to avoid/wait for Mr L to do). I love taking the dog for a stroll, partly because I’ll often listen to a podcast, but also just for the sake of it. Yesterday I ran/walked for an hour with the dog and baby L in the stroller in the morning, yet still felt claustrophobic and stuffy again, after spending the remainder of the day inside.

So today I ate my breakfast sitting on a garden chair on the back patio. I thought about what we can do to spend more of our time outside. By happy(ish) coincidence, I found the library shut when I turned up this afternoon, coffee in hand, to do some work, so I sat on the wall by the beach for a bit, watching the choppy waves and the squally skies and breathing in the saltiness, thinking “So long, cobwebs”.