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Doing words for May

  • Admiring:- anyone who runs a sub-100 half
  • Bookmarking- 
cake websites. 2 June birthdays… although one is my own so the pressure’s off
  • Buying:- as little as possible given that we’re moving in 4 weeks!
  • Cooking- an awesome new slow-cooker chicken curry recipe
  • Deciding- what food we should have at our farewell BBQ
  • Drinking- something new: Bascand Estate 2012 Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough NZ)
  • Enjoying- 
the weather- it’s beautiful- mid twenties, dry, sunny- lovely!
  • Feeling- 
a bit on the chubby side- feels like I’ve been eating cake since Mother’s Day!
  • Getting- 
ready for my last week of work
  • Googling- 
strawberry allergy- I think Master L has one
  • Hoping- we find a great Nanny in Auckland
  • Knowing- 
I only have two more evening shifts….
  • Liking- tonight’s newest find- “Chocolate Mug Cake”– if the mother of invention is necessity, the savior of desperation is Google. (I left out the coffee- it wasn’t bad)
  • Looking:- forward to seeing Chinese Puzzle– the third in the Spanish Apartment Trilogy. I loved the first two, hope the third dosen’t disappoint.
  • Loving- 
the Maya Fiennes- Yoga for Real Life, which I borrowed from the library, just wish I had made time to do some!
  • Making- lists galore!
  • Marvelling- 
at how many Gumtree enquiries never amount to anything- are these people just trying to find something to do?
  • Playing- trains, most days
  • Pondering- where to go for my birthday/farewell Sydney dinner
  • Needing- more sleep- is this the same as April?!
  • Noticing- that Adam Sandler plays essentially the same character in every movie (but I still find myself reluctantly laughing)
  • Reading- something on my ereader…. I forget what, it’s so long since I picked it up
  • Smelling- 
less than perfect thanks to Miss Ls upset tummy
  • Thinking- how crafty all these cleaning businesses are who keep sending us junk mail, having seen our “For Lease” ad on the internet
  • Waiting- for my new roster
  • Wanting- my friend to get through her leukaemia treatment in one piece
  • Watching- Offspring Season 4, which just started
  • Wearing- t-shirts still, it’s unseasonably warm for May!
  • Wishing- 
to one day run a sub-100 half!
  • Wondering- 
how long my 95 year old Grandma’s got left..